Loads can be delivered to or collected by the customer. All load sizes catered for from 1 to 20 Tonnes. Loads supplied with certified printed weighbridge docket.


All our stone is certified to CE Marking and NRA specification. Certificates available on request.


4-6 Inch Stone

Can be used as base layer especially when filling over soft ground.

4-6 Inch Down

Good for use in fill depths from 200mm to 1000mm.

2-3 Inch Stone

Suitable for use in drainage and roadways. Allows good soakage and percolation.

2-3 Inch Down

Suitable for roadways and filling subfloors in houses. Compacts well to form a solid base.

Clause 804 0-40mm

Finishing material for roadways. Very good compaction when rolled.

20-25mm Stone Chippings

Primarily used for drainage and roadways.

10-14mm Stone Chippings

Finishing material around houses and driveways.


Used to finish and cover courser material. Ideal for cow paths and driveways.

Dust 0-8mm

Used for finishing slab floors to protect radon barrier before floor completion. Can also be used to bed patio slabs

300Kg – 5 Tonne Boulders

Used for coastal erosion works, garden landscaping and rockeries.